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Shards (2016)

for viola and live electronics
Duration: 6'
Instrumentation: Viola and live electronics
Workshopped by Tom Widdicombe (viola).
27 May 2016, Guildhall School Music Hall.
Light splintered and dispersed; the prismatic qualities of glass make the unseen, seen. Through a prism, shards of light are refracted and broken up into their coloured spectral components. Shards for viola and live electronics explores this effect, where the electronics act initially as an extension of the instrument, but gradually separate out, pulling apart the characteristic gestures of the main idea, revealing new perspectives. The electronic processing involves the transformation of the live sound of the viola. This consists of delays that are either produced freely creating an aura surrounding the viola sound, or rhythmically, where the delays are strictly in time with the viola part. There is also a harmonizer and differing levels of reverb throughout.
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