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John Creary's Imperfect Journey (2017)

for soprano, mezzo-soprano, flute, bass clarinet, and violin
Text by Oge Nwosu
Duration: 7'30"
Instrumentation: Soprano, mezzo-soprano, flute, bass clarinet, and violin
First performed by musicians and singers from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. 
23 May 2017, Wigmore Hall.
In the late 19th century John Creary migrated from Scotland to Jamaica to manage a sugar plantation and would become Oge Nwosu’s great- great grandfather. In John Creary's Imperfect Journey, the first voice represents him as a young man, anticipating the new life upon which he is about to embark. The second is his schoolboy self, declaiming from his Latin textbooks and providing a commentary on the less comforting aspects of Empire. These two distinct voices engage in a dialogue throughout the work, where they interrupt, interact and overlap as John Creary battles with his conflicting thoughts. 
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