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After the Deluge (2016)

for horn, trumpet and trombone
Duration: 8'
Instrumentation: Horn, trumpet and trombone
First performed by brass players from Guildhall School of Music & Drama.
2 March 2016, Guildhall School Music Hall.

After the Deluge took its inspiration from J.M.W. Turner's painting ‘Light and Colour (Goethe's Theory) - The Morning After the Deluge.’ Sunlight is the focus of this painting, above everything else. The features of a traditional landscape painting, such as the horizon line, the single-point perspective, the subject and scenery itself, melt away under the sunlight. It is the colour that holds the observer's gaze. After the Deluge focuses initially on veiled and restrained sounds, created through the use of mutes and limited pitch material of predominantly more unstable intervals of seconds and sevenths. The harmonies created circle round throughout the piece creating echoes and blurred fragments of the main musical line, which is only heard in full towards the end of the piece.

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